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Melt Index Plastometer (Computerized-Method A & B)

Melt Index Plastometer (Computerized-Method A & B)

This model is a “Digital cum Computerized Model with features such as Automatic Loading of Masses, Automatic Cutting of flowing extrudate, Automatic weighing, Linear displacement measurement facility, Automatic result calculation & display for MFR and MVR on micro-controller as well as PC interfacing software”.

The model is highly sophisticated version with Fully Automatic Operation to suffice all the requirements as per ASTM 1238 A & B Similarly ISO 1133.

In this model of Melt index plastimeter user can check MFR by both methods of ASTM D 1238 A & B where test method A signifies collection of material with respect to time and weight this material, similarly test method B signifies linear displacement of Piston travel with respect to time and density factor. This model is also designed to measure MVR (melt Flow-volume-rate) as well as melt density.

This Microcontroller with LCD display based model will have temperature input with range from
0 to 400 degree Centigrade (System accuracy measured within 8 to 10 mm from surface of orifice showing maximum deviation of + 0.1 degree C of the set point).


Linear displacement input with range from 0 to 25 mm with resolution of 0.01 mm & Weighing balance input with range from 0 to 60 grams and resolution of 1 milligram.

Direct Calculation & display of MFR, MVR & Melt Density results on controller.

Merging facility for Average & Standard deviation, Graph & Storage of results through interfacing software Via RS 232 output.

Masses supplied: 1.2 kg, 2.16 kg, 3.8 kg, 5 kg and 21.6 kg which also includes 10 kg for separate usage.

Automatic mass loading arrangement as an optional feature.

Standard accessories supplied with the equipment would include Tungsten carbide orifice, Piston, Orifice cleaner, Material charges, Barrel cleaner, tweezer, Sample cutter and Plumbline.

Electrical supply: 220 VAC / 115 VAC, Single phase.

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