Melt Index Plastometer (Digital Programmable-ASTM D 1238 Method A & ISO 1133)

Melt Index Plastometer (Digital Manual-ASTM D 1238 - Method A & ISO 1133)

This model is a “Manually Operative Model” designed for the users who want to cover their basic requirement of checking melt flow index at a very reasonable cost for materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene with fixed masses of 2.16 kg and 5 kg supplied with the equipment.

Equipment comes with an accurate PID controller having range up to 400 degree C and resolution of 0.1 degree Centigrade. System accuracy measured within 8 to 10 mm from surface of orifice shows maximum deviation of +0.2 degree C of the set point.

Standard accessories supplied with the equipment would include Tungsten carbide orifice, Piston, Orifice cleaner, Material charges, Barrel cleaner, tweezer, Mirror, Sample cutter and Plumbline.

Electrical supply : 220 VAC / 115 VAC, Single phase.