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Hydrostatic Pressure Test Panel for checking Internal Pipe pressure with Stainless steel tank & Stainless Steel End caps.
Hydrostatic Pressure Test is a conducted on the internal walls of PIPE using water as the medium of testing and therefore the test is termed as “HYDRO-STATIC PRESSURE TEST”. This test is mainly conducted to ensure the quality of pipe from two aspects “RUPTURE” due to excess pressure and “LEAKAGES” when kept under pressure for long duration. This testing is more important since in the new age metal is replaced by plastics. PPR, PVC, HDPE and MDPE material is used for making such pipes instead of metals and in varied applications where WATER & GAS is the medium of transfer from one location to another location. There are many relevant standards such as ISO 1167, ASTM D 1598 and 1599, IS 4984 & IS 4985 for HDPE and PVC pipes, DIN 8061 for U-PVC, IS 15801, ISO 3514 for C-PVC, ISO –EN 15874 according to which pipes are tested.

Computerized cum Digital Hydrostatic Pressure Test Panel for generating hydrostatic pressure ranging from 0 – 200 bar with resolution of 0.1 bar and test time duration from 0 – 10,000 hours with resolution of 0.1 hour. This panel would be offered with different number of stations having independend Microcontroller, Solenoid valves, NRV, Water regulators, time control starting from 3 stations to 16 stations with singular or multiple outlets as required could be offered. High effeciency dual stage booster pump would be used to deliver constant uninterrupted pressure.

Panel would be offered along with software to control and plot graph for Pressure Vs time and temperature for respective stations independently and can take 4 input temperature zones as per user requirement.

Stainless Steel End Caps with specialized “CUP & FLANGE” design would be offered to plug the pipes from two ends for generating pressure. End caps with sizes starting from 12mm to 450mm are offered.

Stainless Steel Tank for immersing pipe specimen under pressure for checking hydrostatic test. These tanks are offered with a capacity ranging from 500 litres to 3,000 litres as per the requried pipe diameter. The doors are double walled well insulated in order to avoid heat dessipation. Accurate PID controller having temperature range from 0 to 100 degree Centigrade & accuracy of 0.5oC are used in the tank having facility of communicating with hydrostatic Panel for acquiring temperature graph in the software. High capacity imported circulation pumps would be used for efficient circulation in order to maintain thermal equilibrium within the tank. Features like stainless steel manifold in the wall of the tank with Quick Release Couplings for eacy operation, Water level sensors for heater cut-off would be unique features of this tank.