Izod / Charpy Impact Tester Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Izod / Charpy impact tester designed as per ASTM D 256, ASTM D 6110, ISO 179 & ISO 180 standards for thermoplastic & thermoset materials. These test methods cover determination of resistance of plastics by pendulum Impact method. In this test method different dimension specimen based on respective standards are tested "notched" or "unnotched". Specimen are further subjected to a pendulum impact and axial impact strength is derived. Izod impact is on a vertically fixed specimen with horizontal impact similarly Charpy is an horizontally supported beam impacted vertically.

In order to facilitate user demands from the point of economical and sophisticated requirements towards this product (Izod / Charpy impact tester) we offer two models:

Analogue Izod / Charpy impact tester & Digital cum Computerized Izod/Charpy impact tester.

Both the below Izod/Charpy impact testers would be offered up to 25 Joules capacity that would be suitable for all types of polymers and compounds including highly rigid materials like Fibre reinforced plastics.

Analogue Izod/Charpy model would be an economized solution with Dial scale for reading the Energy in Joules and mechanical release mechanism offered with different scales ranging from 2.71 Joules to 25 Joules capacity. Individual Izod and Charpy Pendulum having varible lengths and Vise would be offered based on different standards and capacities.

Computerized cum Digital Izod / Charpy Fully Automatic model having Auto release mechanism & Constant Torque Vise.

This model will be offered with two different versions as required with only ASTM similarly ASTM and ISO together. Various different length pendulums such as 229 mm, 325 mm and 394 mm with striking velocities of 2.9 m/second, 3.5 m/second & 3.8 m/second would be offered.

This model will have direct display of results in all units as per ASTM/ISO/IS standards even as a standalone model without PC software. Software will have mergging of graphs, Averaging, Standard deviation, storage and printout facility.

Electrical supply: 220 VAC / 115 VAC, Single phase.

Motorized Notch Cutter is designed as per ASTM 256, ASTM D 6110, ISO 179 & ISO 180 standards for Izod and Charpy specimen notching. This notching machine would be equipped with a depth micrometer, frictionless sliding block and high speed tool.
Depth micrometer will have range of 25 mm and resolution of 0.01 mm.

High speed tool with 45 degree angle and 0.25 mm radius at the apex.

Motorized action for cutting using AC motor.

Electrical supply: 220 VAC / 115 VAC, Single phase.