Carbon Black Content Apparatus Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

“Carbon Black Content Apparatus” is designed to check the percentage of carbon in polyethylene materials when checked in an inert atmosphere of Nitrogen. The test is carried out at 550 degree Centigrade. The equipment is manufactured as per ASTM D 1603, IS 4984 and IS 2530.

“Carbon content Apparatus” designed by “International Equipments” comprises of following spares and accessories Quartz combustion tube, Quartz combustion boat, Glass stoppers Rubber tubes, Gas regulator with gauge, Ceramic furnace & Desiccator. The process of testing is simple and easy. User need to take accurate mass of the specimen using 1 mg weighing scale, place the same combustion boat with specimen in to the chamber with inert N2 gas adjusting the flow rate of 1.7 lpm. Once the specimen is burnt further % carbon can be obtained based on calculation.