Contour Cutter Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

“Contour Cutter” is an equipment designed to produce specimen of different dimensions such as Dumb bell for tensile, Rectangular Die for HDT, Izod and Charpy etc. Contour Cutters are also termed as smaller versions of Milling machines. Normally Contour cutters are used for shaping specimen having thickness over 5 mm to 6 mm. Specimen having thickness above 6 mm normally cannot be cut with the help of punching method or with the help of Cutting Press and Die.

Therefore samples having any thickness between 6 mm to 50 mm can be shaped and cut using this contour cutter and Templates. “Sandwich templates of different shapes are used for preparing these type of specimen. The method adopted here “ABRASION” and not punching. Thus with the help of abrasion between specimen and high speed tool the shearing of specimen to the accuracy of required shape is done.