Back Punch Impact tester Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

“Back Punch Impact tester” is designed by International Equipments on the basis of specifications issued by the Plastic Chair manufacturers in India. This test is mainly conducted on the back resting surface of plastics moulded chairs.

Two types of tests are conducted under this specification:-
Cyclic endurance type of test where continuous one after the other hammering impacts are given on the back surface with approximate force around 85 to 100 kilograms and checked whether any crack is developed due to such jerking impacts.

In case of second test a constant force is generated by the Impacter on the back of the chair and this constant force is maintained with respect to time say for example 100 kg constant static force applied for 24 hours on the back of the chair and thus leg spreading or crack and failure is observed. Thus Design of impacter, Weight and Dimensions of impacter as well as the parameters such as number of impacting counts, hours/minutes of impact holding duration etc are settable and vary customer to customer as required.