Coefficients of-Friction Tester Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Static & Kinetic friction tester is designed as per ASTM D 1894 standard to check coefficient of friction (static friction and kinetic friction) of films and sheetings. The friction can be measured between two film surfaces, or film to metal surface depending upon different applications. Normally on the high speed production machines sometimes there are possibilities of film toggling or sticking on metallic rollers due to high friction therefore the film should have friction below certain value value say (0.23 to 0.25). Film producers use slip additives to be added in polymer and increase or decrease friction as per required frictional values. Therefore this equipment has vital importance. Accurate static friction and dynamic friction is checked in this equipment.

Digital Static & Kinetic friction designed as per ASTM D 1894 standard will have fully automatic operation and direct display of results for static friction & kinetic friction results. Equipment will have COF indicator having range up to 9.999 kg and resolution of 1 gram with data lock for essential operational settings and calibration. On applying a start command the platform will travel with a speed of 150 mm / minute, stop, reverse to original position and stop with result displayed on indicator. Sled of 200 grams along with three number of templates would be offered with the equipment.

Computerized Static & Kinetic model additionally will have more sophisticated microcontroller offered with a software. Graph for Load Vs Travel can be obtained, additional facilities such as averaging of 10 specimen results, standard deviation would be possible. Storage & printout of results through software would be a unique feature.