Universal Testing Machine Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Universal testing Machine is designed to check thermoplastic and compounded materials for for tensile & elongation as per ASTM D 638/882 & ISO 527, Compression as per ASTM D 695 and Flexural as per ASTM D 790 standards. These tests are also conducted on thermosets and Fibre reinforced plastic materials.

Servo Controlled Compact Universal testing machine & Vector Controlled Heavy Duty Universal testing machine having facility to check Tensile & Elongation, flexural, Compression, Peel, Bond & Cyclic Endurance.

Equipment consists of highly accurate speed control varying from 0.5 mm/minute to 1000 mm/minute as per the respective model offered. This covers wide range of polymers testing and Rubber testing. In this field of material testing where critical and precision results such as Flexural modulus @ given strain, Young’s modulus @ given strain, Chord modulus are concerned the below models are offered with 4 lines and 20 character display 32 BIT microcontroller technology for fast and accurate data acquisition.

Maximum distance travel would be up to 1000 mm with resolution of 0.01 mm.

Structural load frames would be offered from 500 kg capacity to 10,000 kg capacity. User may select the capacity based on the material soft, semi- rigid and rigid like, HDPE, Nylon and FRP.

Various different gripers such as Self tightening grips, Heavy Duty grips, Yarn Grips, Wave grips would be offered as per the requirements of injection moulding, Yarn, Wooven sacks.

In case of this 32 bit microcontroller all the results such as Tensile strength @ Peak, Break, % elongation, Modulus, Flexural Stress and flexural modulus can be directly obtained on digital display of controller even without connecting PC software. Graph for Stress Vs Strain & load Vs Displacement with all results could be stored and printed from PC.