Motorized Notch Cutter Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

‘Motorized Notch Cutter” is manufactured as per ASTM D 256, ASTM D 6110, ISO 179 & ISO 180 standards to produce ‘V” shaped 45 degree Notch in Izod and Charpy specimen.

Normally different notch depth of 2.55 mm as per ASTM and 2.0 mm as per ISO based on the specified width need to be produced. High Speed Tool mounted on a block controlled with motorized action would be used to deliver up and down motion to the tool for notching. In order to reach to an accurate notch depth a “Mitutoyo” make Depth micrometer comes fixed to the base moving block of the equipment. Thus this equipment is a supporting equipment offered along with the Izod/Charpy impact testers for notching on specimen before checking on impact tester.