Dart Impact Tester Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Dart Impact tester is designed as per ASTM D 1709 & IS 2508 standard to check impact failure strength of films and sheeting. As per this standard free falling impact is done from stipulated height of 660 mm & 1524 mm. Two different types of dart in aluminium and stainless steel having hemispherical diameter of 38 mm and 50.8 mm having masses of 50 grams and 300 grams respectively are offered. Standard talks about incrementing masses and impacting on film/sheeting till it fails and impact failure weight is calculated accordingly. Specimen is stretched with the help of minimum -560 Hg vacuum and then tested.

Dart Impact tester is offered with vacuum pump, Aluminium Dart of 50 grams with 38 mm diameter and SS Dart of 300 grams with 50.8 mm diameter, weight box with provision to raise falling height from 220 mm to 1524 mm as required. Vacuum pump capable to deliver -760 vacuum on Hg level is offered. Equipment will have vacuum display gauge with regulator to regulate and monitor vacuum.

Electro-magnetic release mechanism offered for accurate release of dart at the centre of specimen Heavy Rim for locking specimen efficiently are some unique features of this equipment.